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Tee-arrow notation for pure functions

With a little work, I've been able to convert every example on the Help 
page for Function into tee-arrow notation. It's even possible to use 
symbols like small boxes and triangles as place holders. Bringing back 
the "New Math"! (It wasn't _all_ bad!)

A picture is at

and a notebook is at

Sort by comparing the second part of each element:

Sort[{{a, 2}, {c, 1}, {d, 3}}, #1[[2]] < #2[[2]] &]
{{c, 1}, {a, 2}, {d, 3}}

Sort[{{a, 2}, {c, 1}, {d,
   3}}, {\[EmptyUpTriangle], \[EmptySquare]} \[Function] \
\[EmptyUpTriangle][[2]] < \[EmptySquare][[2]]]
{{c, 1}, {a, 2}, {d, 3}}

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