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Dynamic evaluation not automatically enabled in CDF documents

Dear Mathgroup,
Recently I started to use the CDF format from Mathematica to create some 
physics interactive tutorial but, on the last one I created, I 
encountered a strange problem. If you download the cdf 
( and 
open it with the offline player you are greeted with the warning that 
"This file contains potentially unsafe dynamic content". If you press on 
"Enable Dynamics" then everything works fine.
Yet when the cdf is embedded in a webpage 
( all 
the Manipulate[] that make a cdf really worth to use are just disabled 
and appear as grey boxes.
What puzzles me is that I did not encounter this problem in my previous 
attempts and this time I did not do anything very different (apart from 
the fact that the code is a lot more complex).

Does anybody have any idea how to set the dynamics as enabled by default?


Jacopo Bertolotti

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