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Re: Dynamic evaluation not automatically enabled in CDF documents

Hi Albert,
You were completely right. Actually the "unsafe" part was exactly the 
call to the PlotLegends package. Why this should be considered unsafe is 
beyond me but I guess it is useless to wonder too much about it. Now I 
just have to find a way to plot something that looks like a colour bar 
without calling for any external package and everything should be fine.

Thank you very much for your help!


On 10/06/2011 10:20 AM, A Retey wrote:
> Am 05.10.2011 10:03, schrieb Jacopo Bertolotti:
>> Dear Mathgroup,
>> Recently I started to use the CDF format from Mathematica to create some
>> physics interactive tutorial but, on the last one I created, I
>> encountered a strange problem. If you download the cdf
>> ( and
>> open it with the offline player you are greeted with the warning that
>> "This file contains potentially unsafe dynamic content". If you press on
>> "Enable Dynamics" then everything works fine.
> If you open the cdf with Mathematica 8, the header (=DockedCell) that it
> shows has also a link which gives details about that security feature.
> There you will find the information that it depends on what
> functionality you use in your cdf-file whether or not that warning is
> shown. If you click on that link  and scroll down the help page that
> opens there is a relatively vague description on what is considered to
> be "unsafe":
> Dynamic content is considered unsafe if it:
>    uses File operations
>    uses interprocess communication via MathLink Mathematica Functions
>    uses JLink or NETLink
>    uses Low-Level Notebook Programming
>    uses data as code by Converting between Expressions and Strings
>    uses Namespace Management
>    uses Options Management
>    uses External Programs
> I didn't inspect your code in detail, but it doesn't look very unsafe to
> me. My guess is that it is the Needs for PlotLegends that causes the
> warning in your case. So if you find a way to avoid the use of
> PlotLegends that might solve your problem.
>> Yet when the cdf is embedded in a webpage
>> ( all
>> the Manipulate[] that make a cdf really worth to use are just disabled
>> and appear as grey boxes.
> I think that this is the default behaviour when shown within the plugin
> when the standalone player would show the "potentially unsafe content"
> warning. If you can't get rid of the warning, your users could still use
> the cdf if they save it to file from the plugin and then open the file
> with the standalone player and allow the potentially unsafe dynamics to
> evaluate. You could put that information into the cdf-file or onto the
> web-page where your users download the cdf-files.
>> What puzzles me is that I did not encounter this problem in my previous
>> attempts and this time I did not do anything very different (apart from
>> the fact that the code is a lot more complex).
> as said above, that might well be the cause for the warning...
>> Does anybody have any idea how to set the dynamics as enabled by default?
> I think that the only solution is to not use anything that is considered
> "unsafe". This might need some experimentation, since I think there is
> no complete list of functions that are considered unsafe. The most
> user-friendly feature would be a tool that would show unsafe content
> with possible alternatives, as the version 5 to version 6 converter, but
> I don't think anything like that does exist...
> hth,
> albert

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