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Problem in using a parametric NDSolve

Hello, gus, profs in math!!
Prease help me or provide a link to answer, please.

There is a problem that takes place for me every time then i'm trying
to realize a least square method in model fitting.

I hame a system of equations (GenSystem) depending on various
parameters :\[Gamma]1, \[Gamma]2....

=D0=A2=D0=BE realize a least square method i need a dependence of answer (after
solving GenSystem) from parameters of the model...

I use NumericQ as you can see below and it dosent work. What am  i
doing wrong?

Func[\[Gamma]1_?NumericQ,   \[Gamma]2_?NumericQ,    \[Beta]3_?
NumericQ, \[Beta]4_?NumericQ, \[Beta]1_?NumericQ, \[Beta]2_?
    NumericQ, \[Sigma]_?NumericQ, d_?NumericQ] :=
 NDSolve[GenSystem, {G0[t], G1[t], G2[t], G3[t], G4[t], G5[t],
G6[t],   G7[t]}, {t, 0, 200}];


Thaks for help.

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