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Re: Assembling PDFs into a PDF document?

On 02/09/2011 08:32, AES wrote:
> [I can set about learning how to do the following by myself, but if
> anyone has an off-the-cuff answer or pointers to the starting point,
> I'll be appreciative.]
> Given a large number of single-page PDF image files, all in a single
> folder (on a Mac), write a notebook that will build a single multipage
> document containing some or all of these files, in accordance with
> (and with page order determined by) a list of some or all of these
> image file names.
> For extra credit:  Have each page in the final document bookmarked by
> the name of the corresponding file.
> Thanks for any assistance.
I doubt if this is possible, because the Import operation, can extract 
raw text or whole pages in the form of images. It is not possible to 
extract formatted text - say in the form of a notebook. Maybe that will 
change in future versions of Mathematica, but I understand that the PDF 
format is rather opaque.

David Bailey

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