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Texture in version 8, fine, but don't export...?

I spent some time uploading to Scultpeo models of one of my surfaces
with both of the new texture types ( color and Black and white)
and I got some pretty pictures in Mathematica.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I made up these demo
programs of Steiner's Roman surface/ projective plane.
In my experiments the surface colors come through, but not the

Clear[x, y, z, m, t, p]
(*Steiner's projective plane as a spherical harmonic*)

x = Cos[t]*Sin[p];
y = Sin[t]*Sin[p];
z = Cos[p];
m = {{0, x, -y},
   {-x, 0, z},
   {y, -z, 0}};
mm = m.Transpose[m];
w = {mm[[1, 2]], mm[[1, 3]], mm[[2, 3]]};
(* color texture graphic*)
g1 =
 ParametricPlot3D[w, {t, 0, Pi}, {p, 0, Pi}, PlotPoints -> 100,
  TextureCoordinateFunction -> ({2 #4, #5} &),
  PlotStyle ->
   Directive[Pink, Specularity[White, 50],
    Texture[ExampleData[{"ColorTexture", "Metal4"}]]], Axes -> False,
  Mesh -> None, Boxed -> False, PlotPoints -> 100]
Export["Steiner1.3ds", g1]
Export["Steiner1.obj", g1]
(* texture graphic*)
g2 =
 ParametricPlot3D[w, {t, 0, Pi}, {p, 0, Pi}, PlotRange -> All,
  Boxed -> False, Axes -> False, PlotPoints -> 100, Mesh -> None,
  TextureCoordinateFunction -> ({2 #4, #5} &),
  PlotStyle ->
   Directive[Cyan, Specularity[White, 50],
    Texture[ExampleData[{"Texture", "Bubbles3"}]]]]
Export["Steiner2.3ds", g2]
Export["Steiner2.obj", g2]

Try these yourself...Pink and Cyan is what you get back...

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