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Re: Column vectors should be interpreted as simple lists where

On Sep 11, 2011, at 3:32 PM, John Fultz wrote:

> Responding to your various points...
> Making Ctrl+, do what you want by default would be a bad idea.  We could create
> a column vector notation, but we'd have to be careful that it couldn't be
> visually confused with other legitimate notation.Just for kicks, I made a first
> cut at doing something like this...a button which pastes a notation that allows
> you to put in a column of things (i.e., you still press Ctrl+, inside the
> placeholder) and interpret them as a flat vector:
> PasteButton[
> RawBoxes[
>  TemplateBox[{"\[SelectionPlaceholder]"}, "ColumnVector",
>   DisplayFunction -> (RowBox[{StyleBox["[", FontWeight -> Plain], #1,
>         StyleBox["]", FontWeight -> Plain]}] &),
>   InterpretationFunction -> (RowBox[{"Flatten", "[", #1, "]"}] &),
>   BaseStyle -> {SpanMaxSize -> Infinity}]]]

Thanks very much, this is just what I was thinking of. I'll create a custom palette and put this on it.
> Making Input cells not be bold is easy, but without some other sort of style
> change, I think it would be pretty visually confusing.  Just Format->Edit
> Stylesheet and paste the following in at the end of the resulting stylesheet:

But then how do I distinguish bold characters from plain ones? Somewhere I saved a post about this, and I'll try to dig it up. I should be able to figure it out, if it's an acceptable thing for us to be doing. I'm wondering if it's the kind of thing that's going to "break" in future releases of Mathematica, though. I, for one, would hugely appreciate being able to have distinct symbols with bold versus plain type. Would also love to able to use any non-assigned Unicode characters for variable names, in order to match various standard math notations.

> Commands to insert paired delimiters already exist.  See the Insert->Typesetting
> submenu, the "Matching..." menu items (which also shows you the keyboard
> shortcuts you can use).

That's great! Option-command-], etc. will put in matching brackets, etc. just the way I wanted. I missed this one before . Many thanks!

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