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Re: How create new style sheet- Mathematica 8

In article <j4prqh$foj$1 at>,
 David Bailey <dave at> wrote:

> 1)   It would be nice to press a button and see the hierarchy of style 
> sheets leading to the notebook style sheet - preferably with their full 
> pathnames.

Amen!!  It's always helpful to understand the structure, the 
hierarchy, the functional organization of some large and complex 
mechanism you're using or are involved with -- even if you have no 
intention of messing with individual components, or should actively 
avoid attempting to mess with them.

> 2)   What happens when a style sheet is installed - is it just placed 
> somewhere in the filestore?

Amen, again -- where I take this particular (and rather minor point) 
as just one illustration of the generalization in Item 1

> 3)   Editing a style sheet seems too much like editing a notebook - 
> which leads to confusion as to what can and cannot be done.

Actually, this may be a useful technique -- if you're specifically 
told, "To modify what a stylesheet will do to all the cells having a 
certain cell style, in notebooks that use this stylesheet,  **find the 
cell in the stylesheet itself that has that style and hand-edit its 
style**".  (Is that, more or less, how it works?  Seems to be . . .)

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