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Re: 1-liner wanted

On Sep 23, 12:45 am, Kent Holing <K... at> wrote:
> Let's assume we have a list of elements of the type {x,y,z}
> for x, y and z integers. And, if needed we assume x < y < z.
> We also assume that the list contains at least 3 such triples.
> Can Mathematica easily solve the following problem? To detect at
> least three elements from the list of the type {a,b,.}, {b,c,.}
> and {a,c,.}? I am more intereseted in an elegant 1-liner than
> computational efficient solutions.
> Example:
> Givenlist = {1,2,3},{2,4,5],{6,7,8},{1,4,6},{7,8,9},{11,12,13}};
> should return
> {{1,2,3},{2,4,5},{1,4,6}}
> Kent Holing,
> Norway

This gives what you want for this particular Givenlist:



However, you might need to consider permutations:

Cases[Flatten[Permutations/@Subsets[Givenlist,{3}], 1],


r = Reverse@Givenlist






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