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Re: A fast way to compare two vectors

On Sep 26, 1:13 am, Yasha Gindikin <gindi... at> wrote:
> Alas, there was a misprint in my code, I'm terribly sorry
> about that. The length of the intersection R should be >=n-2,
> where n is the length of the vector a[[p]]. Thank you so much
> for your realization of the poscom function, I'll explore the
> performance gain and report here.:)

vcomb is a version of hyperfastVectorCompareBag
that always returns all the differences

vcomb = Compile[{{v1, _Integer, 1}, {v2, _Integer, 1}},
  Block[{i1 = 1, i2 = 1,
         d1 = Internal`Bag@Most[{0}], d2 = Internal`Bag@Most[{0}]},
   (* Run along the lists, recording differences as we go *)
   While[i1 <= Length[v1] && i2 <= Length[v2],
         Which[v1[[i1]] < v2[[i2]], Internal`StuffBag[d1, i1]; i1++,
               v1[[i1]] > v2[[i2]], Internal`StuffBag[d2, i2]; i2++,
               True               , i1++; i2++                    ]];
   (* Fix up in case we ran off the end of one of the lists *)
   While[i1 <= Length[v1], Internal`StuffBag[d1, i1]; i1++];
   While[i2 <= Length[v2], Internal`StuffBag[d2, i2]; i2++];
   {Internal`BagPart[d1, All], Internal`BagPart[d2, All]} ] ] ;

vkom is a merged version of two poskom's
that also returns all the differences

vkom[a_,b_] := Block[{
r = SparseArray[ Automatic, {Max[a[[-1]],b[[-1]]]}, 0,
 {1, {{0, Length@a}, Transpose@{a}}, Range@Length@a} ],
s = SparseArray[ Automatic, {Max[a[[-1]],b[[-1]]]}, 0,
 {1, {{0, Length@b}, Transpose@{b}}, Range@Length@b} ]},
r[[b]] = ConstantArray[0,Length@b];
s[[a]] = ConstantArray[0,Length@a];
{r /. SparseArray[_,_,_,d_] :> d[[3]],
 s /. SparseArray[_,_,_,d_] :> d[[3]]}]

This is one of the approximate break-even data configurations

ab = Table[Sort@RandomSample[Range@200,100],{1*^4},{2}];

AbsoluteTiming[u = vcomb @@@ ab;]

{2.202807, Null}

AbsoluteTiming[v = vkom @@@ ab;]

{2.101078, Null}

u === v


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