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Re: How to distribute specific tasks to specific subkernels?

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 23:52:05 +0100, Sebastian Hofer <sebhofer at>  

> Unfortunately it's true that the amount of information on parallel  
> computing decreased in newer versions. The functionality is still there  
> though, only the names changed slightly. If you are willing to lookup  
> the corresponding new functions (which is not hard to do really), the  
> legacy documentation is still available under
> and still very helpful!
> Sebastian

Well spotted--after the Parallel Computing Toolkit product page  
disappeared ( now  
redirects to I had thought that  
the documentation was also no longer available. I'm glad to learn  
otherwise as it is still a valuable resource, and I would add here that  
the code of the Parallel` package is also very helpful, being clear, well  
commented, and written entirely in the Mathematica language. This is one  
area where its incorporation into Mathematica proper has been of great  
benefit, as there is obviously no longer any need to distribute the source  
in obfuscated form as was the case previously.

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