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vlookup like function sugestion

When you are used to work with Excel, one big challenge in start
working with Mathematica is to find one way to merge table like
Vlookup does.
I know by my own experience that it's very difficult to handle this in
Mathematica, and I belive that a lot of Excel user get a little bit
frustrated in see that one simple operation like that is so difficult.
I would like to suggest to Mathematica team that the future version
could have some builting in function to handle this situation.
Meanwhile I use the below function that I would like to share with the

vlookup[data1_, data2_, pk1_: 1, col1_: {2}, pk2_: 1] :=
  look[val_, table_, pk2l_] := Select[table, #[[pk2l]] == val &];
     Check[look[#[[pk1]], data2, pk2][[1, col1]],
       ConstantArray[Null, Length@col1]] // Quiet] & /@ data1]

Use example:


vlookup[mydata, lookup, 3, {2, 3}]

{{"brazil", 605, 54161, a, 3.2, "rodrigo"}, {"india", 550.92, 49505,
  b, 12.3, "daniel"}, {"china", 550.92, 49505, c, 12.3,
  "daniel"}, {"russia", 752.61, 54324, d, Null, Null}}

vlookup[mydata, lookup, 3]

{{"brazil", 605, 54161, a, 3.2}, {"india", 550.92, 49505, b,
  12.3}, {"china", 550.92, 49505, c, 12.3}, {"russia", 752.61, 54324,
  d, Null}}

Best Regards
PS: there is an topic about this in 2008

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