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How to consistently define StandardForm for output?

I defined a function PD[f_, x_]. To be more readable, I want to display it as =E2=88=82=E2=82=93f. Thus I defined

Format[PD[f_, x_]] :=
 RowBox[{SubscriptBox["\[PartialD]", x], f}] // DisplayForm

However, when I copy the output "=E2=88=82=E2=82=93f" to new input and evaluate, I get result "0" because now =E2=88=82=E2=82=93f is interpreted as D[f, x], not the new function I defined.

My question is: How to define PD[f_, x_] such that it displays as =E2=88=82=E2=82=93f and when I copy the output =E2=88=82=E2=82=93f to new input, it still means PD[f_, x_]?

PS: It should be possible because I see a Mathematica package (xAct) can do that. But the package is huge and I failed to read its source code and see how it is accomplished.

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