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Re: How to Extract Conditional Expression?

That can't have been the actual expression you obtained from Mathematica. If
it was like the following you could use:

x -> ConditionalExpression[#1^2 + 3 #1 + 2 C[1] &,   C[1] \[Element]
% /. C[1] -> 3  
f[x_] = x[y] /. % /. y -> x  

The other problem here is that you are trying to use x as a function name
(like f) and also as the argument. You should have used f as the symbol in
the statement that produced the ConditionalExpression in the first place -
if that was indeed the expression you obtained.

You should be able to copy the expression into the posting using the context
menu Copy As, Input Text.

David Park
djmpark at 

From: ScottG [mailto:sbg at] 

I have ...

x -> ConditionalExpression[#1^2 + 3 #1 + 2 C[1],   C[1] in Integers]

and I want

f[x_] = x^2 + 3 x + 6

How do I get there other than cut-and-paste?

Thanks for any insight.

Cheers, Scott

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