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Re: Drawing a Line From One Plot to Another

f2[x_]:=2  x
f1[x_]:= x^2
xmin =-3;
xmax= 3;

Module[{isize =300},
xmin =-3;
xmax= 3;

pt11 ={xx, f1[xx]};
pt12 ={xx, plotrange1[[2]][[1]]};

g1 =Show[{Plot[f1[x],{x,xmin,xmax},PlotStyle-> Purple ],
Graphics[{{Red,Dashed, Line[{pt11 ,pt12}]},  Red,PointSize[.02],
Point[pt11], Black, Circle[pt11,Offset[4]]}]}, PlotRange -> plotrange1,
Axes-> True,AxesStyle->{Transparent,LightGray},Ticks->Automatic,Frame->
True,FrameStyle -> {{LightGray, LightGray},{Transparent,
LightGray}},FrameTicks -> False,ImageSize -> isize];

pt21 ={xx, f2[xx]};
pt22 ={xx, plotrange2[[2]][[2]]};

g2=Show[{Plot[f2[x],{x,xmin,xmax},PlotStyle-> Blue ], Graphics[{{Red,Dashed,
Line[{pt21 ,pt22}]},  Red,PointSize[.02], Point[pt21],Black,
Circle[pt21,Offset[4]]}]}, PlotRange -> plotrange2, Axes->
True,FrameStyle -> {{LightGray,
LightGray},{LightGray,{Dashed,LightGray}}},FrameTicks -> False,ImageSize ->


{{xx,.6,"Current 'x' value"},xmin,xmax, ImageSize->Small}]

(* Try the slider and the Manipulate 'Autorun' *)

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