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Thread::tdlen: Objects of unequal length in

I'm new to Mathematica and trying to run rebuild some programs from other systems in Mathematica.  I'm operating on large data lists and receiving the unequal length error.  However, if I simply paste the output without the extra curly bracket into an operation, everything works.  Obviously, copying and pasting wont work for functions... How can I get around this? 

Below are the functions I'm using to generate two lists from a single dataset:

ln[13]:= MapThread[Mean, Sequence[{{testdata}}]]
Out[13]= {{15.0059, 14.9897, 15.0248,....}}

ln[14]:= Last[testdata]
Out[14]= {14.9602, 14.8624, 15.3364, 15.0231,....}

When I run Length on each of the outputs, I receive the proper number of datapoints for the Last function but receive an output of "1" for the Mean function.  If I paste the output with only 1 "{" though and run Length, I receive the proper output. 

I know this must be simple but I'm stuck.

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