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Linear regression notebook won't work in Version 9


I'm a relative newbie to Mathematica.

I wrote a notebook that did linear regression on some data. It worked fine in Version 8.

Here are two lines from the Version 8 notebook which works. I still have Version 8 on my laptop. The data is named linearregressionY

linearregressionY//TableForm (* Prints out data table used in regression*)


lm=LinearModelFit[linearregressionY,x,x] (* Mathematica computes linear regression model *)

Version 8 computes the model and everything works fine in the rest of the notebook.

However, Version 9 on my desktop chokes with the following error message

LinearModelFit::ivar: {7.315,8.239} is not a valid variable. >>

Anyone have an idea what's going on? Nothing changed except for upgrading to Version 9...

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