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Mathematica via X11 ?

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  • Subject: [mg129247] Mathematica via X11 ?
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 05:03:07 -0500 (EST)
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It may be a FAQ, in that case please point me to it.

After some fight over the kitchen money, I purchased the Mathematica 9 Home Edition for Linux.  I installed Mathematica on the machine having CentOs 6.3 into the /opt/math9 directory.  Punching in the Activation key, activated the program and I could run my Benchmark[].

However this machine is a rack mounted server and in a few days it will go down to the basement and will not have a monitor attached to it.  So I looked if I can fire up Mathematica via X11 from my MacBook Pro.  I connected to the server and issued 'xclock'.  Xclock showed up.  So far so good.  Then I issued:

[root@sm1 math9]# /opt/bin/math
Mathematica 9.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit)
Copyright 1988-2012 Wolfram Research, Inc.

Mathematica cannot find a valid password.

For automatic Web Activation enter your activation key
(enter return to skip Web Activation):

You will need to get a password from your
license certificate or from Wolfram Research
Machine name:
MathID: xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

You will need a valid activation key and password in order
to proceed. Go to to
register your activation key and obtain the password.

Enter your Activation key [format xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx]: xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx

Enter your password: yyyyyyyyyyyy

The password you entered is not valid.
Please press Enter to quit.

So, three questions:

1.  Why do I need to web activate if I already activated it with the activation key supplied when I purchased the program ?

2.  What configuration changes are needed to be able to use it via X11 from my MacBook Pro ?

3.  If X11 is a no go, then what is the right way to use it ?  Vnc ?  =85.?

Thanks ahead,
P.S.  The reason for the server install is that it is more powerful than my MacBook.

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