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How to insert an animated gif file in a Mathematica notebook (for the purpose of HTML exporting)

Currently, I use Latex2HTML to generate my web page for
my Mathematica demos/CDF's. I'd like to see if I can also
use Mathematica for this part as well.

The problem is that I have many animated gif files for the demos
to show a quick overview of it. Here is an example

And I am not able to figure out how to make this web page
with Mathematica.

This is what I do:

1) create a notebook. Make a new Text cell.
2) Where I want the animated gif file to show in the final
HTML, if I do Insert->Picture->From file and selected the
animated gif file (say foo.gif), then Mathematica will
load it, but expands the file into all the frames and fills
up the notebook with images). So this does not work.

I can make a hyperlink to the animated file, and this works.
But I do not want a hyperlink to the foo.gif, I want foo.gif
itself to be in that location so that when I export my
notebook to HTML, it will be there in place. I do not
want to click on a link to see the animation.

Is there a trick to embed an animated gif file in a Mathematica
notebook? (The gif file do not have to 'run' while inside the
notebook, I am only interested in the HTML export version).
Tried insert->Object but nothing worked.

I am using V 8.04 on windows 7.


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