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Re: Running MathematicaScript in Mac Terminal

First I would like to tks all for the help!
There are the steeps that make it work, let's make it with a simple
toy script:
1- Finde the script path
    In mathematica doc, the script is in #!/usr/local/bin/
MathematicaScript but it's not the place in my mathematica 8, so to
find it i used
    find /Applications -name "MathematicaScript"  (tks to Patrick
   and I finded /Applications/

2- Write the script
   Now, with the write the script with the write shebang (shebang->
#!/ .... I learned that name with Morgan Sutherland post, tks)
   I called it math.m (in script you don't need extensions)
     #!/Applications/ - script
3- Make the script executable
    In command line write chmod a-x math.m

4- Put the script in one os the directories in the PATH variable.
    This is one missing part in Mathematica manual the get me crazy!..
    Mathematica manual says:
    "To make the script executable you need to set executable
permissions. After that, the script can be run simply by typing its
name at a shell prompt."
    It's not true, the script must be in one of the special PATH
directory, to list it just type:
    echo $PATH

5- If you want to insert a new directory into PATH, open
your .bash_profile, and put one line with:
export PATH=/your/directory/name:$PATH
then you have to reopen the terminal
if your .bash_profile doesn't exit, create it you your user directory /

6- Put your file math.m in one of the PATH directories

7- Call your script anywhere
Now just type your script name in the prompt (math.m) and be

Tks for all in this puzzle!

On Feb 15, 7:41 am, David Reiss <dbre... at> wrote:
> It turns out that MathematicaScript is located here (assuming your
> Mathematica is located in /Applications):
> /Applications/
> rather than in /usr/local/bin
> Try pointing there in your script and let the MathGroup know if it
> then works.
> --David
> On Feb 14, 6:42 am, Murta <rodrigomur... at> wrote:
> > Hi All
> > I use Mathematica 8 Home edition and I'm testing running Script via
> > Shell in my MacOS.
> > I followed the tutorial, changed the permission using chmod a+x
> > script.m but it doesn't worked.
> > the script is this (copy and paste the tutorial)
> > ------------------------------------------------
> > #!/usr/local/bin/MathematicaScript -script
> > Print /@ RandomVariate[MixtureDistribution[
> >     {1,2},
> >     {NormalDistribution[1,2/10],
> >      NormalDistribution[3,1/10]}],
> >     10,  WorkingPrecision -> 50]
> > ------------------------------------------------
> > I didn't find the MathematicaScript file that the tutorial says it's
> > in #!/usr/local/bin/MathematicaScript
> > maybe it could be de problem.
> > my directory has:
> > /usr/local/bin>ls
> > capinfos  dvipdf    flac      mergecap  pgpdisk   pkill=
> l  text2pcap
> > twfind
> > dftest    edit      idl2wrs   metaflac  pgpwde    ran=
> kt   tshark
> > wget
> > dumpcap   editcap   latex     pdf2ps  rawshar=
k =
>  twdiff
> > wireshark
> > What I'm doing wrong?
> > tks in advance!
> > Murta

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