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How to create a Dynamic monitoring palette that will keep working after a kernel restart?

Note: I asked this question here as well (no answers so far, but several
interesting observations):

The problem:

It easy to create a palette to monitor the value of a symbol like this:

CreatePalette@Panel@Row[{"x == ", Dynamic[x]}]

(This makes much more sense for something like e.g. $Assumptions, but
this is a simplified example.)

The problem with this approach is that if I quit the kernel by
evaluating Quit[], then restart it, then the palette will stop updating.


Is there a robust way to create such monitoring palettes, that will keep
working even after a kernel restart?

Some observations:

  * If we use the Evaluation -> Quit Kernel -> Local menu item to quit,
then the palette will keep working after kernel restart

  * If we make two Dynamic cells in a new notebook / fresh kernel, like so:

x == 1
x == 2

Then the first one will work after kernel restart, but the second won't.

There are some more interesting observations about some possibly related
Internal` functions at

so please be sure to check this page if you want to dig deeper.  I did
include all the essentials and my original problem as I encountered it
in this post.

Szabolcs Horv=E1t
Mma QA site proposal:

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