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Tick marks don't scale proportionally with other elements of the

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Dear MathGroup members,

As we rasterize 3D images at higher and higher resolutions, every image 
element should get proportionally bigger and bigger. However, tick marks 
stop growing after a while. Is there a way to ensure that tick marks 
should grown proportionally to the rest of the graphic, like text does?

Evaluate this code to see an illustration of the problem:

g = Graphics3D[Sphere[], Axes -> True, ImageSize -> 200]

   ImageResize[Rasterize[g, "Image", ImageResolution -> n 72],
    Scaled[1/n]], Magnification -> 1], {n, 6}]

    Image[Rasterize[g, "Image", ImageResolution -> n 72],
          Magnification -> 1],
    {n, 6}], Alignment -> Left]

(warning: produces large images as output!)

Szabolcs Horvát
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