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Re: exercises: suppress printing of answers

I reckon you have a notebook with text cells, input cells and output cells, and you would  like to produce a PDF document without the output cells?  If that is the case, double-click the cell-bracket of each of the cells you would like to hide. This will not delete the cell, but simply hide it. Then you can File|SaveAs|PDF the notebook. If you need to show the hidden cells again, double-click their outer cell brackets (the ones with an arrow-like end).

> Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 02:58:44 -0500
> From: alan.isaac at
> Subject: exercises: suppress printing of answers
> To: mathgroup at
> I have exercises with answers. I can put each exercise in a subsection
> and each answer in a subsubsection (using the default style sheet).
> I'd like to tag the answer heading cell (i.e., the subsubsection
> styled cell) and use the tag to suppress outputting of the answers
> (i.e., of all the material in that subsubsection, not just in the
> heading), so that I can create a PDF of the exercises only.
> I feel sure this can be done simply, but I don't see how to do it.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Alan Isaac

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