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Problems with dynamic contour plots produced for the CDF-reader

Dear all,

this is my first message to this forum, and I'm looking for help on a
slightly complex issue regarding dynamic evaluation and the productoin
of interactive plots to look at in Mathematica's free CDF-reader.

We are trying to implement a dynamic version of a contour plot to let
readers interact with our model a bit by changing its parameters and
directly looking at the results in the plot. The output should be a
CDF that can be opened and interacted with using the free CDF-player.
Obviously, contour plots may be a bit computation intensive for
dynamic updating, but we tried our best to reduce complexity...

Here's the problem: When in Mathematica, the dynamic updating works
without problem. When copying the output into a new file, saving this
file as a CDF, and opening it in the CDF-reader, the updating doesn't
work at all. Without extra settings, it will usually show "$aborted"
instead of the plot. That is most likely due to the evaluation
exceeding the timeout-threshold for dynamic evaluation. And indeed, if
we increse that timeout via Style[exp, DynamicEvaluationTimeout->X],
things change: It still works fine in Mathematica (as before, and why
shouldn't it), but in the CDF-reader we now get an empty plot box
containing everything but the actual plot lines as an output instead
of the "$aborted"-message. So still not working...

If anyone has an idea why this is and if (and how) it could be solved?
It may simply be that the CDF-reader performs significantly slower
than Mathematica itself. Or is there another reason for this odd

Thanks a lot and best from Berlin,


PS: I could also post a (not so) minimal example if anyone is
interested, but I was hoping for general comments and ideas first.

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