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how can I change the CDF which imports the data and uses it , without execution of code

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  • Subject: [mg126883] how can I change the CDF which imports the data and uses it , without execution of code
  • From: Jennifer <ptewari786 at>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 15:26:24 -0400 (EDT)
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I am making an application which first imports the data from the excel file and then uses it in the deployment of cdf. But is it possible to change the data of the excel file and see its according cdf without executing the code in the notebook?

I have imported y1 and y2 from an excel file .Here is the code.

{DynamicModule[{y = 
Import["C:\\Users\\murali\\Desktop\\demo.xlsx"], y1 = y[[1, 1]],   y2 = y[[1, 2]], q1, q2}, 
Panel@Column[{Spacer[70] Text[
    Style["iPhone and iPad quarterly sales- units, million", Bold,
      18]], Column[{Spacer[70], 
    Text[Style["Click on/off:", Bold, 14]], q1 = True; q2 = True; 
       Button["     ", q1 = ! q1, Background -> Blue, 
        Appearance -> "Frameless"], "iPhone", {Right}], 
      Labeled[Button["     ", q2 = ! q2, Background -> Orange, 
        Appearance -> "Frameless"], "iPad", {Right}]}], 
        Table[{If[q1, y1[[i]], 0], If[q2, y2[[i]], 0]}, {i, 1, 22,
           1}], BarSpacing -> 0.8, ChartStyle -> {Blue, Orange}, 
        ImageSize -> {600, 280}, 
        GridLines -> {None, Automatic}]}]}]}]]}]
I dont want the end user to go to the code and execute again and again, if he wants to change some of the values of y1 and y2.

Is it possible that he can change value and see the difference in the CDF itself. Please help.

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