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Re: Exporting a formula to Excel via copypaste


> I'm trying to copy a fromula from mathematica a and paste it to
> excel. It is a  polynomial. Something like:
> -0.00488067+0.000981042 dff+0.000109406 dff^2+1.83066*10^-8
> Now, there are two problems: - The exponential is written as 10^-8.
> Which is not compatible with excel. This issue can be solve by using
> ScientificForm. - The second problem: Excel wants asterisks (*) for
> the multiplication. This is solved by doing it this way:
> ScientificForm[rhofit, NumberMultiplier ->  "*"]
> Now, the problem is, that NumberMultiplier only adds asterisks where
> you have number, but not if you have variables. Any idea to replace
> the spaces with asterisks?

I would suggest to start from either CForm or FortranForm and adjust the 
details with StringReplace, e.g. the following should work:

  ToString[FortranForm[-0.00488067 + 0.000981042 dff +
     0.000109406 dff^2 + 1.83066*10^-8 dff^3]],
  {"**" -> "^","dff"->"A1"}

which will result in:

"-0.00488067 + 0.000981042*A1 + 0.000109406*A1^2 + 1.83066e-8*A1^3"

which I think excel should accept as a formula (at least it did for 
after removing for the double quotes and replacing . with , since I have 
a German version)...



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