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Re: finding inverses of functions

John Accardi wrote:

> Hello,  I am trying to get Mathematica to find the inverse of:
> y = 3x^3 + 2e^(2x)  (which I know is invertible)
> InverseFunction only seems to give inverses of built-ins, like Sine.
> I tried: 
> Solve[ y == 3x^3 + 2e^(2x), x ] but get a message that Solve does not have methods suitable.  (Solve works for simpler functions, however.)
> Any ideas?  Thanks.

Because your function is trancendental you can't hope for a closed form.
But InverseFunction can be used:

f[x_] = 3 x^3 + E^(2 x)
g[y_] = InverseFunction[f][y]

Plot[f[x], {x, -2, 3}]
Plot[g[y], {y, -50, 250}]

Peter Breitfeld | Bad Saulgau, Germany |

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