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MSPManipulate and Image

I tried to use an image as expression for webMathematicas 

gr[x_, y_] :=
   Histogram3D[data, ChartElementFunction -> "GradientScaleCube",
    Ticks -> ticks, TicksStyle -> Purple, AxesLabel -> labels,
    PlotLabel -> "Aufwand in Verfahren",
    LabelStyle -> Directive[Blue, FontFamily -> "Helvetica"],
    ViewPoint -> {x, y, 4}, FormatType -> TraditionalForm];

  Image[gr[x, y]], {{x, 2, "Zeit"}, xmin - 10, xmax + 10, 1,
   Appearance -> "Labeled"}, {{y, 2, "Fachbereich"}, ymin - 5,
   ymax - 5, 1, Appearance -> "Labeled"} ]

This won't work. In Mathematica itself the Manipulate-function can be 
used without any Problem with an Image as Expression, but the 
correspondig webMathematica-Function did not work.

Is there any way to convert an image in a format that could be shown
by MSPManipulate?

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