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Re: Superscript on plus expression

Am 27.11.2012 09:39, schrieb Dave Snead:
> Hi,
> How can I get Mathematica to parenthesize the sum in
> Superscript[Plus[a,b],k] ?

Seems to be impossible to intercept output of Superscript by Format. 

Format[superscript[a_Plus,b_]]:= Superscript[MatrixForm[{a}],b]

is working.

One may catch Superscript[Plus ,..] by  postprocessing output:

If[ MatchQ[#,Superscript[_Plus,_],
     (MapAt[MatrixForm[{#}]&), #, 1],

Superscript is a special text case because the input parser reads it as 
power, which is a pain for index gynm. On the other hand even in text 
cells it is not possible to avoid brackets in mixed tensor index 

Probably, the best way is to write a tensor index Format routine with
a List of {index-x-position,index-y-position, indexvalue} for each 
index, a task not a too difficult with MakeBoxes.


Roland Franzius

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