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Locator + EventHandler

Dear Community,

There is a nice example at Help/EventHandler/Applications that enables one to set points on demand, that are interpolated on the spot. Here is the code:

interpolationCurve[p_, n_] :=
  Module[{x, f = Interpolation[p, InterpolationOrder -> n ]},
   First@Plot[Evaluate@f[x], {x, Min[p[[All, 1]]], Max[p[[All, 1]]]}]];

DynamicModule[{n = 2, p = {}, c = {}},
  Dynamic@Graphics[{Point[p], c}, PlotRange -> 1, Frame -> True],
  "MouseDown" :>
   (p = Union[Sort@Append[p, MousePosition["Graphics"]],
      SameTest -> (First[#1] == First[#2] &)];
    If[Length[p] >= n + 1, c = interpolationCurve[p, n]])]]

I am looking for a way to make there locators instead of the points. Technically, it is a combination of Locator, or LocatorPane with the EventHandler.  The idea behind is to be able to not only to set, but also to adjust each point. I tried, but if I succeeded to set locators, they have been motionless.
Have you ideas of how to make this?

Thank you, Alexei

Alexei BOULBITCH, Dr., habil.
ZAE Weiergewan,
11, rue Edmond Reuter,
L-5326 Contern, LUXEMBOURG

Office phone :  +352-2454-2566
Office fax:       +352-2454-3566
mobile phone:  +49 151 52 40 66 44

e-mail: alexei.boulbitch at

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