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Re: Markers in list plot

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  • Subject: [mg128318] Re: Markers in list plot
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2012 01:52:32 -0400 (EDT)
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On 10/5/12 at 2:49 AM, daniele.barducci at (Daniele) wrote:

>Hi All, i would like to put personal PlotMarkers in ListPlot in the
>following way:


>in such a way that the first point has as a marker number one, the
>second number two and so on.. is that possible?

Yes. Here is one way to do that

len = 5;
data = Sort@RandomReal[1, {len, 2}];
ListPlot[List /@ data,
  PlotMarkers -> (Style[ToString@#, {12, Black}] & /@ Range[len]),
  Frame -> True, PlotRange -> All]

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