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Re: Creating animated 3d graphic in Mathematica for export

iAlexei Thank you very much! It works really well, but how can I do to make the export plot bigger? I set ImageSize->600 or more but what I get is the same small plot but big file dimensions, do you understand what I mean?

Thank you!

You are welcome. I guess it is about the new document window with a graphics, which is open by demand upon pressing the button, is it?.

In this case you may indeed fix the ImageSize in the Plot function (or any graphics you will use instead), but it is important that simultaneously you specify the size of the opening window to be slightly larger than your plot in the horizontal direction and slightly smaller in the vertical one. Say, like this:

Button["Show Fig.1",CreateDocument[Column[{Row[{ExpressionCell[Plot[Sin[x],{x,0,3.14},ImageSize->sz],"Output"],}],TextCell[Style["Fig. 1. This is some explanation ",12],"Output"],Button[Style["Close the window",16,Blue],NotebookClose[]]}],WindowTitle->"Fig. 1, Short title",WindowSize->{sz+20,sz-20}]]

sz here is the size of the image. How much precisely larger and smaller to make the window, I do not know. I put WindowSize->{sz+20,sz-20} just as a first shot. Do it by trial and error.

Have fun, Alexei

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