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Re: Speed of VectorPlot3D... What is Rendering?

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  • Subject: [mg128138] Re: Speed of VectorPlot3D... What is Rendering?
  • From: Joseph Gwinn <joegwinn at>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 03:42:19 -0400 (EDT)
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In article <k368gn$1t3$1 at>,
 "Alexei Boulbitch" <boulbitch at> wrote:

> I asked a question several weeks ago about speeding up 3D Graphics using 
> VectorPlot3D  and Mouse Rotation....I never got a direct answer, however, 
> several persons  (Yves and Alexei) posted answers for another question that 
> helped to solve mine......for my case and computer ..........
> I  set MaxRecursion->3  and in the Options Inspector under Graphics Options I 
> changed Graphics Rendering to HardwareDepthBuffer......
> The increase in speed of rendering really surprized me....and the Graphics 
> object rotated almost instantly........MaxRecursion especially made a 
> difference....if I set it to ten it took 3  worked like a 
> charm....
> thanks to Yves and Alexei......
> jerry blimbaum
> Dear Community,
> I wonder, what is Rendering? 
> First, how should this word be translated in the Mathematica context. I am 
> not English native speaker, and looked into a dictionary. A good one. It 
> returned me about 300 meanings of the word none of which I could really 
> correlate with the graphics operations. 
> I looked into help and find this:
> "Rendering opens a submenu to control rendering operations."
> and details do not help to understand what does it do.
> It is like in one of Lem's stories: "Sepulkys are necessary to make 
> sepulation". "Sepulation is the process using sepulkys" (not sure that my 
> translation is equal to the original one, but the sense is there. 
> So, what the Rendering mean and what does it do?
> Best regards, Alexei

This is rendering in graphics.  There are many descriptions.  Here are a 




There is lots of information in the OpenGL literature.

Joe Gwinn

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