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Re: Using a notebook - how to add a caption and ...

If you wish to display an image in the original resolution and size (one 
pixel of image to one pixel on the screen) you could use the following 

fullSizeFix = Style[Image[#, Magnification -> 1], Magnification -> 1] &;


Column[{fullSizeFix@pic, "Mathematica 9 is here"}]


"Eduardo MAM Mendes" <emammendes at>: news:kf4nmj$8s1$1 at
> Hello
> I have been using notebooks to write reports for a while.  Although I am 
> getting by (the package Presentations by David Park has been of great 
> help), I still have some points that I am not sure how to handle.   Ok, 
> here they are:
> a) Insert-> Picture-> From file inserts the jpg as advertised however I 
> did not figure out how to add a text box that works as a caption just 
> below the figure in the same cell.  Of course the cell cannot be 
> evaluated, so I have turn off that option. If there is a way to add the 
> caption, I wonder whether the whole cell - picture + caption - could be 
> centered justified.
> b) Style - Text - How to create a dynamic cell, that is, suppose I have a 
> text cell as follows
> After some  calculation the value of the variable omega is 3.4.
> Instead of 3.4, I wonder whether it could be the actual calculated value 
> of omega. If omega changes I do not need to change the text cell to update 
> its value.
> One thing that I've noticed is that one has to keep the cell size to a 
> minimum, otherwise lots of almost blank pages come out of the printer.
> Any tips and help will be most appreciated.
> Many thanks
> Ed

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