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Export Import Array

Dear Mathematica Users!

I have a question for you about Exporting and Importing array.
Let's say there is a array (or vector) like,
vectors = 
  Table[{x, y, z}, {x, -1, 1, .25}, {y, -1, 1, .25}, {z, -1, 1, .25}];

If I export vectors as "XLS" format and import the XLS file,
TT= Import["vector.xls", "XLS"];

Some funny thing happen like
TT[[1, 1, 1]] should be {-1,-1,-1} so that If I do TT[[1, 1, 1,1]] , it should give -1. 

But instead of that, TT[[1, 1, 1]]  gives a string as "{-1., -1., -1.}" .

If I export vectors as "Table" format and import the table file,
TR= Import["", "Table"];
It gives  something like.. {"{{-1.,", "-1.,", "-1.},",....  All double comma.

Do you know how to properly export vector (or array) ?

And if I import string instead of vecotor like TT, How to convert TT like string to array?
"{-1., -1., -1.}"  -> {-1,-1,-1}


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