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ListLinePlot Color each line differently

Hi, I have a line plot made from an imported .xlsx file. I have made my own color blend and want to color each line differently according to this blend - how do I do this? Currently my blend will only work across the x or z axis.

data2 = Import["SAXS_SIM_EDR10_23JUL.xlsx"]

blend1 = (Blend[{{0, Green}, {1, Red}}, #] &);
Graphics[Table[{blend1[x], Disk[{8 (x + 1), 0}]}, {x, 0, 1, 1/8}]]

p2 = ListLinePlot[data2, PlotRange -> {{0, 0.7}, {-1, -5}}, 
  ColorFunction -> (blend1[#1] &), ImageSize -> 500, 
  Background -> None, PlotStyle -> Thickness[0.0025]]

Thanks in advance,

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