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Re: problems with FrameTicks

On Tuesday, 11 June 2013 08:25:02 UTC+2, van zano wrote:
> Dear All, I have problems in getting FrameTicks do what I would like it to do. The problem is the following: in plotting Plot[{3*10^20, 4*10^20}, {x, 0, 105}, PlotStyle -> Black, Filling -> {2 -> {1}}, FillingStyle -> LightRed, Frame -> True, Axes -> None, FrameLabel -> {"x", None, None, "y"}, BaseStyle -> {FontSize -> 32, FontFamily -> "Arial"}, FrameStyle -> Directive[Black, AbsoluteThickness[3]], PlotRange -> {All, {0, 6*10^20}}, PlotRangePadding -> {10, 0}, FrameTicks -> {{None, Table[{n*10^20, n*Superscript[10, 20]}, {n, 1, 6}]}, {Automatic, None}}] I would like to have on the y axis (on the right) nice looking ticks. That means: - starting with "1*10^20" (why does it drop the "1"?) - with a multiplication symbol in between the prefactor "n" and the "10^20" thank you in advance, Luigi

Thanks a lot guys, your suggestions work well!
Nevertheless, is there a way to generalize such a procedure for ticks?
I mean, suppose now I have data that go over several decades on the y-axis (eg from 10^20 to 10^22), how to do that?

thanks a lot, L

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