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Numbers on rectangles

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Hello to all,
I am trying to put numbers on rectangles. I found this little demonstration under the heading of =93Rectangles=94->=94Neat Examples=94. I thought that it would be a good tool to help a young student learn to count, however I cannot find a way to put numbers on the rectangles. I looked at a couple of examples in the demonstrations projects where numbers had been assigned to disks, however that didn't seem to work with rectangles. I also saw some documentation in the help section on =93Inset=94 that labeled a circle, but that did not work either. After finding no posts regarding this topic either here or at the education forum, I decided that I might try to ask.

    Rotate[Rectangle[RandomReal[2, 2]], RandomReal[2 Pi]]}, {20}]}]

I have modified the code to produce a random, and smaller, number of rectangles, as is shown below.

    Rotate[Rectangle[RandomReal[2, 2]],
     RandomReal[2 Pi]]}, {RandomInteger[{1, 9}]}]}]

Would love to have each rectangle take on a distinct color, the more basic ones if possible, but just having a number on each rectangle would be great. Many thanks for any and all considerations and suggestions.

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