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Re: Incorrectly Cropped ListPlot

This is a feature of Mathematica plots in that it looks at the 
"interesting" parts. You can override this in graph2, by including the 
option PlotRange->All, and it will fix your problem. The plot is still 
bounded by the PlotRange from graph1, because it was the first in the Show.


On 9/11/2013 3:43 AM, Themis Matsoukas wrote:
> In the ListPlot below, the graph is unexpectedly cropped. Do others confirm this? Is there a cure?
> I apologize for the long data set (166 points) but this problem does not not normally appear with other data sets.
> (v9.01, Mac OS 10.8.4)
> graph1 = ListPlot[{Null},
>     ImageSize -> Medium,
>     PlotRange -> {{0, 200}, {0, 0.1}}, FrameLabel -> {"X", "Y"}];
> graph2 = ListPlot[f, Filling -> Axis, Joined -> True];
> Show[graph1, graph2]

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