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Re: Problem with change of variables in an integral

Dear Alexei,

I believe the references mentioned in Alex's reply below explains the evaluation procedure well.

In your earlier message, with

f[z_] := 1/(1 + z^3); 

Integrate[...] is evaluated to (2 \[Pi])/(3 Sqrt[3]) before being passed to Map. This explains the difference that you saw. 

If f[z] is not known, Integrate cannot evaluate and is passed to Map as is as shown in your message. However, the following code

Clear[f, \[Phi]]; 
Map[ReplaceAll[#, {z -> r*Exp[I \[Phi]], \[Phi] -> 2 \[Pi]/3}] &, 
 Integrate[f[z], {z, 0, \[Infinity]}]]
% /. f[z_] -> z

issues an error message

Integrate::ilim: Invalid integration variable or limit(s) in {E^(I \[Phi]) r,0,\[Infinity]}. >>

and even though f[z_] = z is integrable, integration will not be done since E^(I \[Phi]) is not a valid integration variable.


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