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Re: DDFLink

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Hello, does this still exist? The site seems down.

On Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:50:43 AM UTC, Andreas Lauschke wrote:
> I am happy to announce that my new product DDFLink is ready for sale now.
> DDFLink is a link product that links Mathematica to the ddfplus real-time
> financial data engine ("Digital Data Feed"), the data technology that powers 
> - get live streaming real-time financial market data directly from one 
> of the lowest-latency providers in the industry (quotes and book 
> quotes). The live streaming data comes directly from the 
> servers to your desktop over the internet.
> - define event handler functions with Mathematica code in which you 
> prescribe what is to be done when a quote message is received (e. g. 
> display in a window, update a Mathematica computation/chart/graphic, 
> append to a file as a "recorder", etc.).
> - get contract information for most US financial instruments (symbol, 
> root symbol, primary exchange, expiration month, expiration symbol, 
> etc.)
> - get exchange information for most US financial exchanges (number of 
> advancing issues, number of declining issues, new highs, now lows, etc.)
> - get exchange and symbol status messages in real-time, e. g. "symbol 
> halted", "trading resumed", etc.
> - real-time data includes bid, ask, bid size, ask size, point value, 
> primary exchange, symbol, expiration (for options and futures), open, 
> high, low, last, previous, trade size, trade time, volume, open 
> interest, and several more, for current and previous session.
> - choose between TCP and UDP, whatever suits your network needs better.
> - receive 1 s "time-stamp" messages that can function as heartbeat 
> messages to detect a disconnect in the network connection so that an 
> immediate alert can be generated and/or a corresponding automated 
> response can be triggered.
> - display quote information, contract information, and exchange 
> information in the Mathematica front-end or in Java Swing windows or in 
> .Net windows.
> - use a configurable Java Swing-based utility grid that can be used to 
> display arbitrary two-column data, for example in the event handler 
> functions defined for the quote messages, or arbitrary user data.
> - ... and many more.
> With DDFLink you can get direct real-time data access to the major 
> exchanges, including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, CBOT, CME, NYMEX, NYBOT, ITC, 
> (Dubai) as well as forex. Eurex and Euronext Liffe to be added in the 
> future.
> The data inventory is at
> The exchange coverage is listed at
> To start the real-time data feed, all you need to do is define a "symbol 
> list" or "watch list" in Mathematica, and that will immediately start 
> the data feed from ddfplus for the symbols in your watch list. This can 
> be a combination of stock symbols, currency symbols, futures symbols, 
> options symbols, and several others.
> Note that Mathematica does NOT have real-time data in its datapaclets, 
> which can be queried with FinancialData[]. As is required by the US 
> exchanges, if the market data is free for the end-user, it must be 
> delayed by at least 10 minutes for futures and 20 minutes for equities. 
> No stock data in Mathematica or alpha is real-time, Mathematica doesn't 
> have any futures data, and neither has options data!
> To get started, set up a data plan with ddfplus through a secure 
> connection and select the exchanges you want to receive streaming data 
> for, on
> where you also set up your username and password.
> Then request a DDFLink version from Lauschke Consulting on
> The entire data subscription management is done online though a secure 
> web interface with Data subscription plans with ddfplus 
> begin as low as $49 per month for individuals' use.
> The DDFLink product page is:
> The user guide/manual is at:
> Requirements:
> - Mathematica version 6 or 7
> - Java 6
> - any hardware and operating system that can run Mathematica and Java 6.
> Price for a DDFLink license: USD 99 or EUR 74 (one-time, no periodic 
> renewals).
> About ddfplus:
> ddfplus is the premier financial market data provider for thousands of 
> companies and several major data vendors. Among others, ddfplus provides 
> live data to major exchanges, including CBOT, the Kansas Board of Trade, 
> and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Major corporate customers include 
> Bank of America, Bloomberg, MF Global, FXCM, PFG Best, Bank of Canada, 
> Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve Board, Hedge Street Exchange, and RBS 
> Greenwich Capital. Data vendor customers include Morningstar and 
> XIgnite.
> Lauschke Consulting and ddfplus offer a free two-week evaluation license 
> for DDFLink and the ddfplus data subscription.
> As in all products from Lauschke Consulting, the expression browser and 
> the symbol browser are included at no additional cost.

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