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animation of the PDE


I was using Mathematica to visualise trajectories of x[p],y[p] depending on p.
Is it possible?

Talking about "it's simple
to animate the parametric plot of them by using ParametricPlot inside

But I cannot animate the NDSolve using ParametricPlot.
Can you please tell me why I get errors like "NDSolve::dsvar: 1.0011952113073699` cannot be used as a variable. ":

      {Evaluate[{y[p], x[p]} /. sol =
            NDSolve[...some equation type D[f1[x[p],y[p],p] = -D[x[p], p], 
               f2[x[p],y[p],p] = -D[y[p], p]
                x[1] == -1, y[1] == -1}, {y[p], x[p]}, {p, 1, Tp}]]},                         
                 {p, 1, Tp}], {Tp, 1, 100}]

Thank you!

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