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Re: ???

W dniu czwartek, 13 lutego 1997 09:00:00 UTC+1 u=C5=BCytkownik John L. Sege=
r napisa=C5=82:
> I've recently upgraded to Mathematica 3.0
> I've been getting a lot of spelling warnings. In Mathematica 2.2 I was able to
> eliminate these by issuing
> 	Off[General::spell];
> 	Off[General::spell1];
> However, in Mathematica 3, I continue to get spell1 warnings.
> Does anyone know how to get around this?
> tia for the help

As per docs,


should disable all spell1 warnings. If you still get them, you're doing something wrong (e.g. spelling spellI instead of spell1), so there's no "way around this".


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