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convert format M. Wafy 03/19/02 9:51pm
by: John Leko
Too many polygons/lines on a surface plot Bill 03/05/02 2:56pm
by: Casey Mann
Penrose Tilings (and other non-periodic Tilings) Kai G. Gauer 03/05/02 2:24pm
by: Casey Mann
Recursion in ode Luigi 03/04/02 08:12am
by: luigi
Center of Idaho Michael O'Leary 03/02/02 09:36am
by: Henry Lamb
NonlinearFit - Please help!!!!! Aris Kypriotis 02/27/02 2:16pm
by: Aris Kypriotis
Partial differential equations Jiwon 02/26/02 05:24am
by: Jiwon
solve equations xu zhan 02/25/02 9:17pm
by: xu zhan
calculations on DXF files Dave Belisle 02/25/02 8:02pm
by: Dave Belisle
Parabola Graphing Charlie Kaplan 02/25/02 09:49am
by: John Leko
substitution of x^2 + y^2 + z^2=1 into expressi... william 02/25/02 09:43am
by: John Leko
Lego mindstorms & Mathematica Kai G. Gauer 02/22/02 10:10pm
by: Kai G. Gauer
Upgrading to Windows XP Douglas MacGregor 02/22/02 1:14pm
by: Forum Modera...
thickness of parametricplot3d lines william 02/22/02 1:07pm
by: Forum Modera...
numerical differential equation Tudor Luchian 02/20/02 4:34pm
by: Tudor Luchian
CompleteIntegral Anna 02/19/02 4:12pm
by: Anna
assumptions in Solve and/or Reduce? Hiranya Peiris 02/19/02 06:14am
by: Matthias Bur...
Memory management david silver... 02/19/02 05:15am
by: david silver...
DSolve problem on section 1.5.8 of MathematicaB... Carmen Garcia 02/18/02 6:11pm
by: Forum Modera...
Vectors Anna 02/18/02 5:52pm
by: Anna
List Creation John 02/15/02 11:45am
by: John Leko
eps exporting problems Matthias Burgard 02/06/02 05:26am
by: Matthias Bur...
Rounding errors? Rick Bischoff 02/14/02 4:36pm
by: DaveP
Fast ReadBinary and OSX Whit 02/14/02 1:58pm
by: Whit
Convolution Qiana 02/13/02 11:49am
by: Qiana
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