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Replies Last Edit
Remove Curly Brackets from a list Afshin 05/20/13 9:42pm
by: winnie
Define operator Serj 05/26/11 2:24pm
by: robert
ListPointPlot3D Problem Paul 02/15/11 06:35am
by: sophyeia
alt gr issue Mathematica 7.0 linux Guga 11/10/10 03:25am
by: JM
To export Plots for CorelDRAW Sinval 03/16/10 4:54pm
Solving a nonlinear equation system mfu 03/13/09 09:07am
by: ZTomee
System of coupled nonlinear differential equati... Shahriar 02/24/09 09:42am
by: Shahriar
Solution of system of DEs Rosen Mitrev 01/13/09 04:59am
by: Rosen Mitrev
Importing data that is not comma separated LKL 02/01/09 3:42pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Partitioning Brian 01/31/09 3:59pm
by: Kaveh
Quantization of a continous colour scheme? Jason 01/31/09 3:26pm
by: Jason
modifying a set of data points godcha 01/31/09 1:39pm
by: Kaveh
How to do calculation in arbitrary precision Daniel 01/30/09 5:37pm
by: Daniel Berdine
strange behavior with function and { }.... ES 01/30/09 5:16pm
by: Daniel Berdine
Problem using DSolve newbieMath 01/30/09 06:52am
by: newbieMath
graphics clarity Jane 01/29/09 12:29pm
by: Bill
Difficulty restricting a domain. Daniel Berdine 01/29/09 06:43am
by: Daniel Berdine
Mathematica fails to make obvious simplificatio... Daniel Berdine 01/28/09 4:35pm
by: Daniel Berdine
Left and Right Riemann Sums James C. 01/28/09 12:53pm
by: James C.
Partitioning a List Afshin 01/27/09 9:53pm
by: Kaveh
Normal Distribution continuous random variable, x Igal 01/27/09 9:02pm
by: Kaveh
ProvablePrimeQ daniel 01/27/09 5:47pm
by: daniel
Plotting a plane in 3D matt 01/27/09 5:13pm
by: matt
Labeling a plot Tom 01/27/09 2:04pm
by: Roman
about font in linux gentoo water 01/26/09 12:14pm
by: water
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