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position of tick mark labels thowens 03/07/10 08:29am
by: Peter Pein
Help with a Procedure Jason 03/26/10 01:14am
by: Tom
Mathematica freezing Addie 03/25/10 01:24am
by: Tom
Incrementing Letters David 03/13/10 10:04pm
by: Rachel
Gaussian Function Frank 03/09/10 08:45am
by: Peter Pein
Equation solving (numerically) Vincent Michaud 03/07/10 09:47am
by: Peter Pein
plotting a 3d curve with one var limited by ano... gsingh 03/07/10 04:47am
by: Peter Pein
Infinite Loops - Formatting Notebook??? Seth 03/02/10 12:25pm
by: Seth
Equations/inequalities with exponential functions Caleb 03/02/10 08:46am
by: Bryan
FindRoot[Cos[x], {x, 0.2}] MBird 03/01/10 1:51pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Function Plotting Vincent Michaud 03/01/10 11:01am
by: Vincent Mich...
WeatherData Plot multiple years Jan-Dec. MBird 02/28/10 4:18pm
by: MBird
what version is more speedy Michael 02/28/10 05:14am
by: Michael
NDSolve Error Jennifer Luc 02/28/10 03:46am
by: yehuda ben-s...
Why are pdf exports of 3d-plot so ugly? Morten 02/28/10 01:47am
by: yehuda ben-s...
Simplification & Square root guillaume35 02/27/10 1:59pm
by: MBird
QTConfig for Mathematica 7.0 (Linux) Sara Fauzia 02/26/10 10:23pm
by: Sara Fauzia
Simplify integrals Masha 02/26/10 8:10pm
by: Masha
EditDistance w/out substitutions JBRAGG 02/26/10 6:48pm
Develop an equation from a data set Andrew Gould 02/25/10 4:21pm
by: Dave Calvert
Series representation as infinite sum Tom 02/25/10 4:02pm
by: Tom
detection of automatic range of plot? giuseppe 02/24/10 8:15pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
how to specify that a parameter is integer smstry 02/24/10 8:12pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Substitution in function of functions Marco Lepidi 02/24/10 08:20am
by: Peter Pein
Animating a ListPlot Stephen 02/24/10 07:19am
by: Peter Pein
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