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global expression in a module zeebo17 06/19/09 7:52pm
by: VL
Symbolic matrix computation in Mathematica? William 06/02/09 02:32am
by: William
controlling the ticks in a plot Tracy 06/02/09 11:24am
by: Tracy
MechanicalSystems help Tom 06/26/09 00:27am
by: Tom
Mathematica doing wrong plot (?!) Shogun 06/10/09 08:35am
by: Shogun
Solving second order ODE with periodic coef S 06/17/09 05:18am
by: S
formal computation for solving a system rudy klein 06/22/09 08:34am
by: rudy klein
finding expression for real part of cubic roots platera 06/05/09 12:57pm
by: platera
I can't solve this problem-Looping- Programming Osman Tuna 06/19/09 09:31am
by: Osman Tuna
I can't find in Mathematica Book... Cases-Selec... Osman Tuna 06/12/09 2:51pm
by: Osman Tuna
copy: I have a problem solving set of equaiotn Niki 06/14/09 08:24am
by: Niki
I have a problem solving set of equaiotn Niki 06/14/09 08:26am
by: Niki
what is wring with this? Mikel 06/19/09 7:48pm
by: VL
3D trend MFW 06/28/09 4:55pm
by: MFW
Error message using NIntegrate Martin Wette... 06/18/09 03:38am
by: Martin Wette...
solution to the kdv equation manali 06/22/09 08:24am
by: manali
Time for an integration Lena 06/19/09 7:16pm
by: VL
Join Table Elements Laura 06/26/09 05:20am
by: Tom
point in/out in 3D volumes KB 06/25/09 03:12am
by: KB
Interpolation and extract data KB 06/26/09 10:07pm
by: Bill
Why is this (simple) computation so slow? jk 06/20/09 07:32am
by: jk
about computing Grobner basis Jems 06/08/09 07:10am
by: Jems
How to solve a type of number theory puzzle jeff 06/18/09 07:18am
by: jeff
solution to Multivariate linear equations Jason 06/17/09 07:45am
by: Jason
Help! why this Reduce function has different ou... Jason 06/10/09 12:24pm
by: Jason
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