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Eigenvectors output in terms of pure functions Zara 02/08/11 04:37am
by: Zara
Linear Combination of Functions yadaddy 02/16/11 02:27am
by: yadaddy
Error/uncertainty in NIntegrate Xumeu 02/26/11 7:17pm
by: Daniel Z-S
3D plotting, wilson 02/09/11 00:27am
by: wilson
Trying to solve for a stationary matrix Wade Edens 02/06/11 7:26pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Operator that takes derivative of its argument Vanessa 02/07/11 12:32pm
by: Vanessa
problem with function tomasz 02/19/11 09:23am
by: Daniel Z-S
Low-Level File IO question Tom 02/24/11 4:09pm
by: Tom
coupled problems with Compile and NSolve toen 02/04/11 10:17am
by: toen
Selecting spcific vectors from vector array Tamás 03/02/11 09:01am
by: Isaac
Find the equation of the tangent to the curve Sue 02/28/11 10:32am
by: Isaac
3D plotting, student 02/09/11 2:01pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
MathLink and Visual Studio Stephane 02/17/11 09:47am
by: Stephane
ListPlot Sinval Santos 02/11/11 10:03pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Big expressions Sinval Santos 02/18/11 12:50pm
by: Sinval Santos
NDSolve makes trouble simson 02/08/11 01:18am
by: simson
NDSolve and Exporting data to Excel Septimus 02/19/11 07:07am
by: yehuda ben-s...
Random numberes Sarah 02/28/11 03:15am
by: Isaac
How to use result of the findroot Saba 05/10/13 9:38pm
by: Mohammad Reza
Sphere packing in cube Ryan750 02/10/11 5:02pm
by: Ryan750
Nintegrate and Findroot with asymptotic BC's Ryan 02/22/11 10:43am
by: Ryan
Using Solve outputs Romans 02/23/11 07:13am
by: Isaac
lighter printing when entering formulas Rod 02/13/11 8:55pm
by: Rod
converting .h5 file to .png (HDF5 to graphic f... Ramsey 02/19/11 1:19pm
by: Ramsey Noah
Picture shearing Pierre 03/03/11 08:23am
by: Pierre
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