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Text on surface problem Yen 02/28/12 3:59pm
by: Bill
no numerical evaluation of fourier transform YD 02/22/12 10:56am
by: YD
Plotting Results of NDsolve xlr8t 02/14/12 03:09am
by: xlr8t
Change a parameter during NDSolve xage 02/08/12 5:08pm
by: Peter Pein
Suggestions to make code run faster? William North 02/26/12 8:42pm
by: William North
How to use Convert and GeneratingFunction? William 02/18/12 8:24pm
by: William
Change function Will 02/09/12 11:39pm
by: Bill Simpson
Plotting a 3D shape parallel to different axis Will 02/20/12 04:30am
by: toen
Memory allocation to Mathematica on Windows mac... Vlad Golyk 08/18/12 12:10pm
by: Forum Modera...
FIndFit Varun 02/09/12 2:42pm
by: Bill
Using SQLInsert ubgr 02/13/12 1:40pm
by: ubgr
short/simple: see evaluation progress of "button" Tobias 02/06/12 07:26am
by: Tobias
Problem converting a notebook to CDF tin toy 02/13/12 8:58pm
by: tin toy
Hiding Null expression Thomas Nova 02/13/12 11:00am
by: jf
Question about Precision thedarjeeling 02/06/12 11:35pm
by: thedarjeeling
System of differencial equations. thanasis 02/17/12 3:21pm
by: thanasis
How to make axes lables, etc bigger taylan 02/14/12 11:36am
by: Bill
Differential and integral calculus Abs[Sin[n x]] Takuya 02/28/12 7:56pm
by: Bill Simpson
Contour 3D Plot question! Steven Gardner 02/20/12 10:28am
by: toen
Plot vector spaces? Stefan Damkjar 02/29/12 6:50pm
by: Bill
Game Controllers Sophi 02/01/12 12:08pm
by: Sophi
r[[1]]="A" OK at top level but not in function? Sophi 02/04/12 6:00pm
by: Nasser M. Ab...
Log vs Log10 SimonL 02/22/12 3:20pm
by: jf
Ellipsoid iteration limit Simon 02/22/12 07:40am
by: Simon
System of Differential equations Saurabh Sarkar 02/11/12 01:10am
by: Bill Simpson
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