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function of string input, ingnoring assignment Andrew DuBui... 03/03/05 4:41pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
1d bvp with periodic bc's gideon 03/05/05 12:26pm
by: gideon
getting rid of DiracDelta's tefnut 03/05/05 5:12pm
by: tefnut
Newbie-I did something stupid to the preferences Blair W Foulds 03/07/05 02:51am
by: Blair W Foulds
NDSolve and previous time values jeff 03/07/05 7:52pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
Projectile motion Sally 03/09/05 11:37am
by: Andrew DuBui...
Loops and If statements Steve 03/09/05 11:53am
by: Andrew DuBui...
Questionable automatic threading of plus Matthew Day 03/09/05 12:59pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
two basic questions Bin 03/09/05 1:12pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
pattern mattching jay 03/09/05 1:18pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
Export graphs Ricardo 03/10/05 2:57pm
by: Jim Fuite
2D plotting of discrete input functions A. J. Spurgeon 03/11/05 09:09am
by: A. J. Spurgeon
controlling one notebook via another Andrew Shaw 03/14/05 09:31am
by: Andrew Shaw
Output to file linebreaking Jerry Hathaway 03/11/05 8:28pm
by: Andrew DuBui...
elementary stuff Thomas Schmelzer 03/17/05 03:10am
by: yehuda ben s...
Array of decimal numbers Thomas Schmelzer 03/17/05 03:08am
by: yehuda ben-s...
GraphPlot and Combinatorica Data Format Issues? Peter Lord 03/17/05 03:31am
by: yehuda ben-s...
Notebook won't scroll down! Ebrahim Patel 03/17/05 03:34am
by: yehuda ben-s...
label solutions jm 03/18/05 6:40pm
by: Randy
Exact Numerical Solution Peter Dotsa 03/22/05 8:14pm
by: Peter Dotsa
Log[ E^x ] == x Andrew Mullins 03/23/05 4:46pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Definition of functions Anna 03/23/05 5:50pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Differential Equations - Direction Field Thiago 03/24/05 4:44pm
by: Thiago
Problem with Graphics module Jan Vanek 03/28/05 07:42am
by: Jan Vanek
Email : Installation Issue, Mathematica 5.1 Act... Jason 03/31/05 11:31am
by: Jason
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